Welcome to the latest iteration of marcstasio.com. It’s a product of many months of planning, progress, false starts, rework, pitfalls, distractions, and anticipations. What can I say, I’m really busy and the past year and a half was a whirlwind of twists and turns. But I press on as I needed to expand on previous attempts to put certain features in place. Now with a lull in some projects and the spring semester at a close, I’m finally catching a breath and giving this attention. I’m thankful for the past year of work and looking forward to new prospects on the horizon. It’s all good and I’m blessed.

The main motivation has remained constant; to journal and highlight what I do and who I am. Content will continues to feature composition and arranging articles, discussions on orchestration, notation, computing, classroom reflections, discoveries and insights, my latest projects, directing, piano/keyboards, performance, and, a place to get up on my soapbox now and then. We all need that.

One item prompting this overhaul was the need to better post work for purchase. Prior platforms with commerce offerings didn’t quite measure up and were a struggle. This is no longer an issue, and though not in place just yet, the “Buy” page will soon be implemented. Otherwise, the emphasis will continue to be articles, blogs, and commentaries. I’m still culling content from over time to reintroduce material and add fresh ones, too. To keep things clean, I’m being very discriminating and only publishing select writings, some of which might get posted in bulk, while regularly adding new content along the way.

Many of these efforts are also finding their way into planned publications I currently have in progress. So it all compliments each other rather nicely and provides for a constant flow of ideas to draw from. This of course is all being done in the midst of scoring and performance ventures, not to mention teaching. So there’s never a dull moment, but always a place to be incredibly thankful.

I hope and pray you find this site and its updates inspirational alongside your musical journey. Thank you.

Marc J Stasio is an east-coast based composer/arranger, pianist, educator, and author who actively lives out his calling producing scores for hire, serving as collegiate jazz faculty and performing abroad for nearly 40 years. His work is heard on recordings by today's top artists in jazz and contemporary music. As professor of jazz studies, he specializes in teaching composition and arranging based on “the Hidden Score,” with a dedicated blog by that title. Marc holds a B.M. in Arranging and a Masters degree in Jazz Studies. Visit http://marcstasio.com.

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